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Horse Racing - CBS' 60 MinutesClick CBS' 60 Minutes link and watch and learn about the ongoing atrocities associated with this 'so-called' sport.

Read about growing grassroots opposition at dated August 10th (click on link to article below)

Heise Comments about deferred Tax Benefits in The Rock, Feb 2023, pg4

"Northville Downs at Plymouth Township could generate another $500,000 a year in tax revenue, Heise said. However, that money would go into the Michigan International Technology Center Brownfield Redevelopment Authority Fund for the first 10 years."

Heise Comments, Rob Feb 2023 Going to MITC.jpg

Economic Development Coordinator Planning Commission Feb Mtg

Comments referencing being able to put something worse in location.

Breakage Fees offset by required staffing in Public Safety

Project Narrative (PC#2478) Benefits of Proposed Project #2

"Construction of the development as a racetrack with its associated amenities will take place in a known and immediate timeframe unlike the previously proposed industrial park which could have taken years to full development and full tax paying status. Also, immediately upon commencement of operations, breakage will be generated from wagering and will go directly to Plymouth Township to pay for the additional public safety costs incurred during events.  Northville Downs currently provides approximately $200,000 per year in breakage fees to the City of Northville from wagering operations."

Heise Comments About Landfill and Traffic on 5 Mile in Dec. 2020 "The Rock" Article

Cautious Optimism, The Rock 2020


"Plymouth Township Supervisor Kurt Heise has been a frequent critic of the landfill in the past. He said thousands of people in the northwestern corner of Plymouth Township were getting some of the landfill’s breeze. He said it wasn’t just about the smell, either. He has also been particularly vocal about the traffic issues it has caused on township roads as garbage haulers make their way to and from the landfill in Salem Township.

“It’s about the truck traffic and the damage to Five Mile Road,” Heise said. “If you run into congestion at Beck and M-14, it’s probably a stalled garbage hauler.”"

5 and Ridge, morning, June 2023
Traffic1 5 Mile (1).png
Heise Comments The Rock, Feb 2023 Re PUD Reqts.jpg

Landfill/traffic a problem Heise states in 2020.

How will this development make those risks go away?

Soccer fields in the middle of the racetrack?


Public Benefit - Really?  How is the racetrack surrounding the soccer fields going to stay immaculate from horse manure and urine?.

View site plan on Township site located here showing location of soccer fields.

Hometown Life Article, 2/20/2023

  1. Plymouth Twp residents have been objecting to this development since initially becoming aware when Planned Unit Development (PUD) came before Planning Commission in February 2023.

  2. However, property by Northville Downs owners was purchased in October 2022 prior to PUD being made known to public.  The PUD, if all conditions are met, would allow for a change in use of this property other than what is allowed in the MITC.

  3. Very minimal support being expressed which mostly centers with those involved in this industry.

  4. Plymouth Twp economic developer tells residents he can put in worse things.

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