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I am signing this petition to demonstrate my opposition to the proposed development of Northville Downs Racetrack in Plymouth Township. 

Plymouth Township Board of Trustees must vote “NO” on this proposed development in our Township because I believe this initiative:

  • Will negatively affect the quality of life of those who live in and around our community.

  • Bring gambling from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM, seven days a week

  • Will further increase traffic congestion on Ridge, Beck, Five Mile, North Territorial, Sheldon and surrounding roads

  • Will add to Public Safety workload

  • IS NOT anticipated to increase Plymouth Township tax revenue for at least ten years.

I agree, that this proposed development is in conflict with existing land use designations that we, as Plymouth Township citizens and adjacent property owners, used to make decisions about where to live, what property to purchase, and where to raise their families.

Stop-the-Racetrack Petition
Flyers (no longer available)
I would like a lawn sign (currently out of signs, will notify when available)
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