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Horse Racing - CBS' 60 Minutes
Click CBS' 60 Minutes link and watch and learn about the ongoing atrocities associated with this 'so-called' sport.


  • Why has Heise been so quick to give up on his 2019 vision of "forward thinking" businesses for the prison properties? 

    • During an interview with Hometown Life in May 2019, he stated that "I honestly expect this to be a 30-year project, but once it's done, it will be special."  (click Hometown Life link for full article).

    • It has only been 4.5 years since that interview, far short of the 30 years.

  • Heise continues to push the pandemic as the excuse for quickly moving away from high tech businesses for the DeHoCo properties.  This reasoning falls woefully short because:  

    • The high-tech business, Nel Hydrogen with an initial 513 jobs, will soon be locating on these properties, with likely spin-offs to follow.

    • Which suggests that even after the pandemic, our economy will consistently go through cyclical ups and downs and that high tech businesses are indeed willing to invest in this area.

  • Heise revealed during this same 2019 interview that they had been approached with 'HORSE RACING' for the properties but stated "WE DON'T WANT TO DO ANYTHING CRAZY." 

    • Yes, as many have stated, a gambling facility in our township in the works for a long time; and, with plenty of time, NOT once was this fundamental change in our community brought before the residents until the required public hearing.

    • Contributions to his PAC going back many years include several horse related entities/persons, including the Carlo Bros and their attorney.

  • Heise repeatedly defends the property rights of businesses; why is he not protecting the property rights of residents?  Read about recent election results in other municipalities relating to unwanted developments.  Detroit Free Press Article dated 11/8, "Michigan voters oust local leaders who supported development projects (".

Join the Opposition which is Widespread
Across the Community and Growing!

Petition Signers as of 8-5.png

Map is representative of petition signers across the Twp

Northville Downs and other, unchecked and disruptive, developments are impacting not only those living on the west side of the Township, but across the entire Township and the extended community.   

  1. One more Board meeting left this year and a final vote on Northville Downs development still being awaited.

  2. Opposition remains strong and not just among a small group; it is WIDESPREAD and extending across the state.

  3. Take a few moments to review information on this site.  If you are opposed to this development, please sign petition (include email for future notifications and add to your contacts).  Petitions are to assess residential sentiment.

  4. Residents have been publicly opposing this development since first becoming aware earlier this year and continue to demonstrate opposition at subsequent Board of Trustee meetings.

  5. Help spread the word in your community. 

  6. On final vote day, your presence is needed at the Board of Trustees meeting.  

Email your concerns to (see Contact Legislators page for template):

Board of Trustees:

State Senator Rosemary Bayer:

State Rep. Matt Koleszar:

State Rep. Jason Morgan:

Governor Gretchen Whitmer (submit form)

US Representative Debbie Dingell (submit form) 

ND External_edited.jpg
Stop The Racetrack Sign (1).png

Northville Downs - What you need to know: 


Property at Ridge and 5 Mile Roads, zoned for technology and industry, had a Purchase and Sale agreement entered into by Northville Downs owners in October of 2022 with intent to move the racetrack to our own Plymouth Township.







Gambling at 'Northville Downs of Plymouth Township' was targeted for the 2024 racetrack season. However, because of delay that may postpone racing until 2025, a state bill is being proposed to allow for Northville Downs owners to run a temporary simulcast gaming facility in our Township.  Nov update indicates bills are not yet out of committee with the state legislative session done for the year.  

  • Township did not adequately assess resident opinions prior to sale of property for this controversial development, and only gave residents a chance to voice their opinions when an Open Meeting was required for the submitted Planned Unit Development.

  • This development has been rushed for approval in spite of objections by many residents who have taken the time to express their opinions at public meetings and by written and phone contact.

  • This development is a gambling facility

    • ​Betting on live horse races (an industry currently under significant scrutiny)

    • Betting on simulcast races (96% of wagers in 2022 on simulcast races vs. live horse races)

    • And, the potential for up to 1,500 Historical Horse Racing (HHR) slot-like machines pending only successful legislation and voter approval.  Read Twp Supervisor comments in recent Hometown Life article (last paragraph).

    • 2018 Detroit News article which quotes Northville Downs owners:  "But Carlo made clear the track is also still seeking some of the enhanced gambling instruments, like the casino gaming, that some states permit in tracks."

    • “We will continue to work closely with state and local representatives to implement the necessary changes that other states around us have, so we can bring racing back to its finest day,” Carlo said.

    • Current bills in senate committee SB411-SB414 (monitoring of bills will continue even though legislative session ended for 2023).

Your voice is needed! (add to contacts)

What does this mean for our community?


Elected Officials disregarding Master Plan goals for  development

  • Bringing in a business that will change the fabric of our community - Gambling facility

  • Green spaces disappearing. We need MORE, not LESS.

  • Statement made by the unelected Economic Development Coordinator to "fill every open space in our community."  (watch video clip)

  • Also stating, "Guess what, I can put something worse in there, and I can make every one one of you cry with some of the buildings and stuff I can put in the spot." (see video on More Info page, or read article in Hometown Life)


What is the Benefit

to Plymouth Township Residents?

  • And what are the potential health impacts with landfill nearby?

  • Community benefits package - soccer fields in the middle of a racetrack, walking path?  How does racetrack stay immaculate from horse manure and urine. What about the smell?  See site plan

  • Gambling addicted suicide rate reported to be 15 times higher than other addictions.

  • Many white collar crimes resulting from gambling addiction.

  • This facility will be within 1.5 miles of 2 existing schools and one to be built.


Will Increase Congestion of Township Roads

  • The deficient Traffic Study made assumptions on one data point.


  • The traffic study ignores potential impact of other in progress and upcoming developments

  • 5 Mile Rd/Ridge Rd development - Meijer seeking to quickly reapply as Sup. encourages lawsuit and Meijer files.  

  • Looks like a significantly large number of trucks will be visiting the new unsightly warehouse being built on Ridge Rd, a nightmare already.

  • Questionable daily visit data from Owner of Northville Downs.

    • Northville Downs owner could not provide an estimate during public meeting of current average daily customer visits.

    • However, 288 daily visits were used in traffic study

    • Michigan Farm News stated 250,000 visits in 2021 (or 685 daily visits).


A Gambling Facility with Potential for Expanded Gaming

  • Pari-mutuel betting is a form of gambling.  Horse racing is regulated by the Michigan Gaming Control Board.  So betting on horse racing is gambling and 96% of wagers at Northville Downs are for simulcast races, not live races.


  • While Township officials say 'no casino', the gaming community calls it 'Racino' with addition of HHR slot-like machines.​  Read this April 2023 Article in MIBets where industry leaders state how HHR and slots are being looked at to support industry.

  • Thus, Michigan Senate Committee currently reviewing 4 bills SB411-414 to advance the horse racing industry with additional subsidies and the following kicker:  

  • Allow the Commissioner to issue an amended license to conduct simulcast
    wagering at a temporary location to a license applicant that met certain
    requirements (until facility is built)

  • State legislation passing and voter approval would allow Historical Horse Racing (HHR), comparable to slot machines.

  • While only passing the State Senate in 2021, State Bill SB0396 states that max HHR machines per racetrack will be 1,500 per racetrack facility.  Sec17 (11) (c) p26 of approved SB. 


Township Image Forever Tarnished 

  • Nearby home values may be affected.

  • Northville Downs in Plymouth Township as is - is a gambling facility with a racetrack!

  • There will only be 152 hours per year of horses actually racing on the track.  This is a mere 3.5% of their expected operational hours.

  • There will be gambling from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM, 7 days a week, year round.


Increased Public Safety Workload

  • 2022 breakage fees for Northville Downs were approx. $180,000, far short of the $250k-$350k stated by Heise.

  • Unanticipated increase in Public Safety resources because of this proposal may require a tax increase.

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